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Intro: Huge Desk Lamp/ Floorlamp


Since I am using pallet wood to make my own furniture, it was time to get rid of al the grey and chrome furniture in my living room.First thing was my chrome arch floor lamp. I've owned it for a long time and always used it over my dining table or next to the couch as some extra light.

Step 1: Materials

You need a few things

  1. Reclaimed wood or pallets. I've got me some longer than average pallets, so i could make the lamp a bit bigger.
  2. Arch Lamp. You only need the base (Made out of concrete) , the socket and he lampshade.
  3. A Couple of bolts, nuts and threaded end.
  4. Maybe wires or a footswitch
  5. Shrink Tube

Step 2: Tools

Tools needed:

  1. Cordless drill
  2. Screws
  3. (Wood) Drill
  4. Buzz saw
  5. Jigg Saw
  6. Wood Glue
  7. Radial Arm Saw

Step 3: The Design

Why not make a small desk lamp into one very big one!

The design of a desk lamp is pretty straight forward, you can find them every were!

I've always had this idea, but sadly i didn't made a sketch. The idea was al in my head, and i guessed some of the dimensions. It was al jus how it comes along.

Step 4: Disassemble the Arch Lamp

Not much photo's made, but pretty much disassemble the base and the socket. Pull out the wire, cut it on one end, later on we will repair the wire with some solder and shrink tube.

Step 5: The Concrete Base

This concrete base was hidden underneath the chrome cap. I removed the cap and bolted the base ( a simple u- shaped ) to the base. Use a little washer between the base and U-shape so it is easier to turn the whole thing.

Step 6: The Lower Arm

The length is just a guess about how long i taught they would be. Cut 2 lengths and and cut 3 blocks to put between the 2 pieces.

i used a little trick to get the exact center (see last foto) just by drawing a line from one corner to the next.

Make sure to drill the hole straight down, so when the next arm is bolted to this arm, it will move smooth.

Step 7: The Upper Arm

The upper arm is a bit shorter but wider than the lower arm. Also here i used the trick mentioned before to get the exact center and attached the lower arm to the upper arm. At the top of he upper arm i had to attach the lamp socket.

I did not want the cable to go straight in and out the block, instead in the middle of one side i drilled a hole, and on the bottom. Perhaps you can see it better in he pictures.

I used a small guidance cable to pull the cable through. It was very hard to manage because it had to make a corner inside the block

Step 8: Wiring

After pulling al the wires, it was time to put it back together, because i had to cut the cable when i was disabling the whole thing. Use some shrink ubes and solder to connect everything. Blue to blue, and brown to brown. It is AC power, so colour of the cables ist tha important, Stil for uniformaty is connect it in the right order

Step 9: Assembly

In between the pieces i put a washer, just to keep it a bit smoother to move the upper and lower arm. If you are not a good aim, just use some tape to keep the washer in place.

Connect every piece with the threaded end and tighten every nut. Because of the lock nut, moving the pieces they don't come lose!

Make sure to tighten hem very ight, because of the weigh of the lamp shade and arm, hey might fall after a few moments.

You can prevent this by applying a small screw a bit out of side to keep both arms in the same position. It will be not often you have to move one arm higher or lower ( at least not in my case).

Step 10: Enjoy!

Place it on the spot where you want it !

Connect it to the main AC outlet and enjoy your home made lamp

I deceided to use a E27 RGB Remote Controlled Light

Because of the shade(slightly translucent), whenever i choose a light, the whole shade lights up in that colour! Pretty cool effect

I hope you enjoyed my instructable, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you. I am planning to make more furniture, recently received more and more pallets i need to take apart. Now i need time to make it all