Huge Flaming Bubbles





Introduction: Huge Flaming Bubbles

A fun thing to do when you have nothing else to do!



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    -More Fun...Also more dangerous.....But oh Well....- 1. Get a tank of Methane 2. Fill a bucket with soap 3. Attach one end of a garden hose to the methane tank 4. Screw a sprinkler onto the other end -The ones with all the holes- 5. Place the sprinkler in the bucket of soap and turn on the methane 6. Watch the column of bubbles rise 7. When it reaches the desired height LIGHT IT!!! Oh yeah, don't do this when it's windy.....Actually, stick to airplane hangars and bomb shelters for this one......Or not. But I'm not responsible.

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    myth busters did this on TV if you just wanna see it before it is done

    i don't get it where are the bubbles and if there aren't any bubbles why did you call it huge flaming bubbles...? I'm confused...?

    What is that song?--I'm throwing a party (rave!) That would make an awesome addition to the play list.

    cool color filter... but I didn't see any bubbles... cool thing anways.