Huge Fondant Eagle



Introduction: Huge Fondant Eagle

About: Make your flexible rubber molds with ComposiMold. Make more unique molds with 1 pound of ComposiMold than with 20 pounds of other mold making materials. Great for many applications including casting figurine...

Use a wooden applique from the craft store to make a mold. Then press fondant into the mold for a unique cake wrap!

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Step 1: Pour ComposiMold-Food Contact Over the Wooden Applique.

Once your wooden applique has been cleaned, let it dry and place it on a non stick surface. We used a piece of glass. Melt the ComposiMold-FC and pour a thin layer over the wooden piece. Be sure it covers the entire surface, including the edges. Once this layer has cooled for approximately 20 minutes, pour another layer of ComposiMold-FC over the first. The second layer will add strength to the mold. The first layer picked up all the details.

Use a toothpick to move any bubbles up and away from the surface of the wooden applique. You do not have to pop them or completely remove them, just be sure they are not touching the surface.

Step 2: Flip Your Mold Over.

Once the second layer of ComposiMold-FC has cooled (another 30 mins or so) you can flip the entire mold over and bend it away from the wooden applique.

Step 3: Press Fondant Into the Mold.

Roll your favorite fondant out to 1/8" and lay this sheet into the mold. Press it into all the details of the mold being sure to get it into all the edges too.

Step 4: Create Clean Edges.

Use your thumb to press and rub the excess edges of fondant away from the final piece. This will tear the extra away. Then you can gently roll the torn edge in towards the final piece to create a nice sharp edge once it's flipped back over.

Step 5: De-mold the Fondant Eagle.

Carefully flip the mold over again with the fondant in place. Then you can gently lift an edge of the mold and begin to bend it away from the fondant. You might have to hold an edge of the fondant down to get started, Then the mold will easily peel away from the fondant. Check out how the mold picked up every detail from the wooden applique.

Step 6: Paint Your Final Fondant Piece With Edible Paints.

Using edible spray paint and sugar dust we were able to paint the eagle to look like more realistic. To transfer the fondant to the side of a cake, simply roll the eagle onto a rolling pin and un-roll it onto the side of the cake. Remember to re-melt to re-use the ComposiMold-FC for all your cake decorating projects.

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