Huge Knex Walker.




About: Hey everyone. I'm Thibault Art and my biggest hobby is to build huge machines in K'nex. I like also to draw a lot and take care of my corn snake. On this page you will find K'nex ball machines, K'nex element...

Hey everyone. I'm proud to show you my first Knex Walker. It's 103cm long and 71cm wide. It has 32 legs and has about 4250 pieces. All the legs have the same design as Theo Jansen's strand beast but it doesn't work with the power of the wind but with a 16v motor. I'm sorry for not making any instructions for this machine but I think it is to big for that. So I already deconstruct it and starded on a ball machine. A video will be coming soon. Thibault Art.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    dude did you get the idea from the strandbeast this is so cool


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job! This thing looks amazing! I hope you win a prize man :D

    My entry(ies) are coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled :-) Can't wait for the vid also, feel free to drop a message on my OB when it's up.

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