A hugelkultur is a raised bed garden with rotten wood and other decomposing materials under the soil that provides nutrients for the plants.

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Step 1: Find an Area With Bad Soil

Areas with bad soil are very good places for hugelkulturs. The plants will not be able to grow in the bad soil so you need to add other things to it. Dig a hole about 20 feet long, 3 feet across, and 2 feet deep.

Step 2: Preparation

Fill the hole with biodegrading wood, straw, and soil. The materials will decompose and provide good nutrients for the plants.

Step 3: Plant Seeds

After digging the trench, cover the wood with soil, and plant the seeds.

Step 4: Water Plants

When the plants start growing, water them accordingly.

Step 5: Weed Plants

Not only will the plants grow, but weeds will too. Pick all the weeds out by the roots.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice work! This is a great idea.. an in-ground raised bed!