Hugging Snowmen in a Snow Globe

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This is my first Instructable! I am a parent volunteer at my children's school and I am teaching 5th and 6th graders how to use Tinkercand and 3D print their designs. I thought I would enter this challenge to show the kids what is possible with a little effort! I designed this ornament because nothing makes me think of the winter holidays more than snowmen, gifts and family. I added a lot of details to the snowmen like the scarves, earmuffs on the little snowman, the heart gift tag and of course, a top hat on the big snowman. I really wanted the snowmen to have a detailed toy-like quality, because who doesn't like toys? I also wanted to add a feature to show off the 3D printers capability, so I added the snow globe around the snowmen.

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Step 1: Open a Tinkercad Account

It's free and very easy to use. I learned to use it very quickly. I especially like this program because you can make great designs right away. The kids love it, too!

Step 2: These Are the Parts I Used.

Tinkercad comes with many stock shapes that can be reshaped and moved in 3D space to get the exact shape that you want. I designed each part individually (big snowman, small snowman, top hat, scarves, earmuffs, etc) and then moved them into position. I next designed the snow globe to go around the snowmen. I left an opening in the front to see all the detail in the snowmen.

Step 3: Print the Ornament (if You Have a Printer)

I printed out the ornament to make sure it is a good, workable print. After the first print, I made some adjustments and added some more details. I am pretty happy with the result! I printed it on a Makerbot Replicator 2. Since I am new to 3D printing, I like designs that can be printed without support. I did print it with a raft so you will need to remove that after it is printed.

Step 4: Putting It All Together.

Once you have both parts printed, simply insert the top of the snowmen into the hole in the top of the snow globe. You can then put a hook through the hole in the snowmen part and they will stay attached.

Note - the snowmen ornament is cute all by itself, too!

Step 5: Hang on Your Tree or Your Work Bench (or the Tree at the White House!)

If you want, you can paint some of the features of the ornament after it is printed. I like it all one color. Hope you like this ornament. It will definitely be on my tree this year! Happy Holidays!

Step 6: Here Are the .stl Files!

I have included three files, one with both the snow globe and the snowmen together and then the snow globe and the snowmen individually. Enjoy!

I am currently looking to buy a new 3D printer - if anyone has any suggestions....

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4 years ago on Introduction

Great print!

Did you have any trouble printing the sphere without support? I tried printing my ornament without support and things got dicey near the top.

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Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

It prints out very well. I had to redesign it a few times to get it to work but it's at the right thickness to print without support. I have printed it a few times. Let me know if it works for you!

Daww the snowmen are so cute! I love the cage behind them too, very pretty! You should think about entering this into our First Time Authors Challenge

1 reply