Hula Barbie Cake




Introduction: Hula Barbie Cake

For my baby girl's 5th birthday, she wanted a Hula Barbie cake. Tools needed: 10" cake pan, large mixing bowl, Wilton's white fondant, flower cookie cutter, sharp knife, cake mix, wax paper, wilton decorating tip # 233 & # 3, icing decorating bags, a barbie doll, plastic wrap, gel food coloring, small dowels, wilton's buttercream icing, rolling pin.

Step 1: Bake Cakes, Ice & Cover W/ Fondant

First I baked a 10" round (the base) box cake ( I think Duncan Hines Chocolate) and also baked a yellow box cake mix in a large mixing bowl for the "skirt"..iced both with buttercream, then rolled out fondant green & blue, green for skirt & blue for base.

Step 2: Stack Cakes, Insert Barbie

Set the "skirt" on the base, if I did this again I would probably put some dowels in for support. Wrap the barbies legs in saran wrap & I also put her hair in a pony tail so it would not touch the cake. Gently push her legs down into the cake.

Step 3:

using tip # 233 tint some buttercream icing & make the "grass" on the skirt.

Step 4:

finish by rolling out some pink, yellow, blue fondant super thin & cut out flowers. Placing the flowers around the bottom of the skirt, then I cut out a "banner" in pink fondant & used the #3 tip with yellow buttercream to write her name/age.



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    3 Discussions

    I really like the effect you achieved, getting the green icing to look like a hula skirt.

    Have you made any cool cakes recently?

    Very cheerful luau cake.
    I'm so glad you mentioned wrapping the doll's legs before inserting her in the cake...

    The first time I made one I didn't know to do that. The cake tasted like plastic doll !