Purchased Black Colored Hair Spray (Could not find any for people) I used wags and wiggles for dogs.
Purchased Green face make-up, and black.
Purchased the Hulk costume (One with the bulky muscles)

Step 1:  Took son outside, had him hold a towel over his face, sprayed his hair.  We had to spray it several times to get it to cover well. Take a warm wet wash cloth to wipe off over spray.
              Let it dry..Takes several minutes to air dry...or you could blow dry it if you wanted.
Step 2:  Using a make-up sponge I covered his face, neck and ears...I used a make-up brush to get close to the eye area.  It took heavy coat of make-up to cover well.
Step 3:   Using another make-up brush I took the black face color and made his eye brows...I had him to make a scowl face to outline
               the brow area...then I just accented it more.
Step 4:  I had him to put on his Hulk costume.
Step 5:  Painted the back-side of his hands.
              I kept a little ziploc bag with the green color face paint to do touch up's.
              It all washed out very easy!



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