Human Piano




Hello, I'm a student of Singapore Polytechnic. This project is called the Human Piano where Infra-red sensors are used to detect motion and each sensor plays a different tune using a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).

*Note* This project is done by students from Singapore Polytechnic. Tools and components were provided by our FYP supervisor Mr. Teo Shin Jen.

Step 1: Getting Started

Items used in this project:
1.  DAC0808 (
2. Sharp GP2Y0A02 (x7) (
3. Regular speakers
4. chipkit max32 (

Step 2: How Does the DAC 0808 Work?

Firstly connect the DAC as shown in the picture.

With reference to the wave picture, inputing a binary pattern of decimal value 127 will cause the wave to be at the middle point at that particular time. Likewise, binary pattern of decimal value of 255 will cause the wave to be at the highest (peak) point and binary pattern of decimal value 0 will cause the wave to be at the lowest point.

The only way to manipulate the tone would be by changing the delay/time interval between each decimal value. For example, a tone with 1ms delay interval will sound different from a tone with 2ms delay interval.

Step 3: Sharp GP2Y0A02

The Infra-red sensor measures distances between 20cm to 150cm.

There are only 3 pins to configure: 5V, Gnd and I/O pin

In this project, I have configured each IR to play a certain tone. (e.g. IR 1 will play with 1ms delay and IR 2 will play with 2ms delay)

Step 4: Code

The link attached contains the code for this project



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