Human Figures With Wire

Introduction: Human Figures With Wire

Easy to build figures with wire . No profession required and easy materials . Main figure is made in less than 5m but some decorations might take time .

You will need :

- Clipper

- Pliers


-glue (not very important but used to make some decorations)

-1x small , useless screw (optional , used to make a simple decoration for the figure)

I recommend those glues with activator sprays . They can dry in less than a second which is important because glue might drop . It takes less than 5m with those type of glue but if you use a glue that takes hours to dry then you can say it takes hours :D By the way if you want to use glue it should be transparent OR a color like light brown or yellow or pink or etc.

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Step 1: Readying the Wire

This is the shortest step . We CAN use a curved wire but we will have to straighten it during the make process and that might change the shape of other parts and totally ruin the whole thing .

Step 2: Part 1

Now make the legs in a sitting form , like the picture . The leg should be one end of the wire .

Now continue the body and add an arm . Continue the arm and turn back to where the arm started . Use pliers to make the hand smaller (unless you want a muscular version :D )

Now add the head , complete it and turn the wire to the other side . (picture)

Step 3: Part 2

Now half of the body AND the head is complete . Now we will make the rest of the body and the extra stuff (There are many things you can add , as an example , I made a guy who had two high voltage wires in his hands and a small tool was near him :D or in this version , an ice cream :D)

If you want to make it like this one , one hand is in holding mode while other hand is down . (picture)

After you made the hand , continue and make the leg . You can make it like the previous leg , but it won't look nice .

Make it like the arms . How ? when you made the leg , turn back so it gets double-wire . Use pliers to make it thinner .

Now , continue the wire between his legs so your wire reaches the other leg. make the other leg double-wired too .

Use clippers to cut any remaining wires .

Step 4: Extra

There are many possible additions . You can make an ice-cream , a chocolate , a weapon , a little cardboard mobile phone or anything !

Here or some ideas :

A small piece of wire and brown paint . put it in paint (take it INSIDE the paint bottle with a string or another wire piece) and repeat many times . Then wait until it dries . This can be a tasty chocolate or maybe a stick (depending how you made it :D ) (look at picture)

Or an ice cream . First put a screw in it's hand , then use glue to stick the screw . You might manage to fit the screw inside its hand so you wouldn't need glue . Now apply a little blob of transparent / nice-colored glue on the screw . If it seems small , wait until the glue dries , then add another blob .(picture) If you didn't like the color then you can paint it with a small brush .

Thanks for reading and I hope you like it .

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    5 years ago

    Cute. I like how it sits up.


    5 years ago

    Thanks , I actually did :( I don't know why it put this . I'll fix it .


    5 years ago on Introduction

    These are neat - you ought to use a "finished" photo as your thumbnail, though.