Humanity Savings Bank (Piggy Bank)




Introduction: Humanity Savings Bank (Piggy Bank)

I've always wanted to do something with my money that would actually be benefits to society; unfortunately, my current piggy Bank seems to always go to Starbucks.

I made the "Humanity Savings Bank" as a fun, cool reminder to myself of where this money should go!

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Step 1: Supplies/Making the Base

Supplies: (my leftovers from previous lamp projects)
Three IKEA lamp covers
One IKEA lamp base
One IKEA lamp light socket
Light bulb
Paint (I chose oils)
Super glue

Step 2: Adding Light and Light Covers

Now, put a ring of super glue around the opening of the lamp shade. You will then place the second lamp on right side up. Screw in the light bulb at this time (will help hold everything in place. I took some clay (non drying) and pushed it into the gap between the light bulb and ring of the shades to ensure no coins will fall out later.

Step 3: Tape, Paint and Fill

Tape the final lamp shade upside down to form the top of the globe.

Now paint on the world. You'll see that originally I was going to use tape to spell "Humanity" but I decided to paint on "Humanity Savings Bank".

Once painted, it was ready to fill with money for a cause which betters humanity!

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    2 years ago

    cool but a little messy


    Reply 2 years ago

    I totally agree! Would use acrylic paints in the future. Would have dried a lot faster.