Humanoid Lego V2

This is another version of the previous humanoid lego. This version ended up thinner and lighter.

Step 1: Make the Body

First of all, make the body. The body in this version allow a wider movement, but is quite messy. It's lighter too.

On the first picture, please differentiate: Up on the picture are 4 2-lego-unit long axle, and down on the picture are 6 pegs.

Step 2: Make the Hands

Here are the hands.
I purposely make bad palms to save weight.

On the first pictures, beside number 4 are 4 4-lego-unit long axles

Step 3: Make the Legs and Assembly

Alright, the legs aren't different. It's just longer.

And after assembly, you can make it as a model, or play with it if you like so.
And that's all.



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