Humid Vs Non-Humid Growth Comparison:

Introduction: Humid Vs Non-Humid Growth Comparison:

This goal of this comparison project is to compare plant growth between less than average humidity and more than average humidity growing climates to see how much of a factor humidity is in plant growth. For this experiment you will need materials that may be found around the house, but can also be bought from almost any big name box store. 

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Step 1: Required Materials:

You will need:
- (1) Fish tank with clear sides (clear for light emittance) big enough for your plants of choice to create the enviroment.
- (1) Solid piece of clear plastic to cover the top of the fishtank and contain humidity.
- (1) 500ml cup to contain liquid for humidity control/per sq ft of tank space.
- (2) Identical plants for comparison (You can use more if you'd like).
- Water Source

Step 2: Location:

Take the fish tank and place it on a level surface in a well lit area, an ideal location would be inside under a light to replicate growing conditions similar to outside.

Step 3: Plants:

Next take both of your comparison plants, place one inside of humidity chamber, and one outside of it but in the same general area (So the quality of light each plant gets isn't a variable).

Step 4: Humidity Control:

Next fill the cup(s) fairly close from the top with distilled water preferably (Any water will do), around the plants and place the peice of clear plastic on the top as a lid, to will contain the humidity.

Step 5: How It Works:

When the tank is sealed with a cup of exposed water inside, the sun will cause it to evaporate, but because the clear plastic lid is sealing the tank, the moisture will be release into the air and wont be able to escape allowing humidity to rise

Step 6: Results:

Although the experiment was only ran over a period of weeks rather than a period of months we only have short term results. The plant in the humid climate grew bigger than the non-humid plant, and weeds in the humidity chamber were constantly germinating (Not a test medium, just an mere observation).  Plant on left is outside humidity chamber, plant on right is from within the humidity chamber.

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