Humming Bird Feeder Made From Stuff Found Cleaning Out My Car

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I made this humming bird feed from a bunch of stuff i was goign to throw out.
What You Need, or at least the stuff i used

1 - 20 oz pop bottle
1 -  vitamin water bottle
1 - broken shoe string
a handful of fake flowers
hot glue
a nail

Step 1: STEP ONE: Cut the Vitamin Water Bottle at the Top

 Cut off the top at the shoulder about a inch down from the cap.

Step 2: STEP TWO: Use a Nail to Make a Hole

 Make a hole or two, in the pop bottle, at the top right under the lip at the cap.

Step 3: Step Three: Put the Bottles Together

 Now you take the pop bottle and force it into the vitamin water bottle.  The pop bottle cap fits right into the water bottle neck.
once you have forced the pop bottle into the inside of the water bottle the pop bottle cap  is stuck into the water bottle neck and now can be unscrewed leaving the cap in the neck of the water bottle.

Step 4: STEP FOUR: Add the Flowers, and the String

  Ok now your almost done, now just glue some fake flowers around the tray the water bottle neck now makes, and i added some green fake leaves on the bottom.

   Now tie the old shoelace around it so you can hang it up. And there you go a humming  bird feeder. just fill the pop bottle up with some sugar water and food coloring and hang it up



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