HummingBird JigglyPuff

Introduction: HummingBird JigglyPuff

Hello and welcome to the Jiggly Wiggly! In this tutorial you will learn how to create only the best JigglyPuff in all of the lands. Have Fun!

Step 1: Insert the Wires Into the HummingBird

First, put your light sensor wires into the blue blocks with the black in front of the negative sign (-), the yellow wire in front of the "s", and the red wire by the plus sign (+). Insert the servo by putting the wire over the small pegs necessary to power it.

Step 2: Making the JigglyPuff

Wrap your servo loosely in a soft material like tissue and use tape to secure it together.

Step 3: Get Coding!

Go to to get into snap and use this photo to create your code.

Step 4: Jiggly Wiggly!

Print out a picture of JigglyPuff and tape it to your JigglyPuff body. Now activate your code and get wiggling!

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    4 years ago

    Nice, don't have any of these materials but I think it's cool how you used scratch to make the jiggly puff wiggle. Maybe try adding a sound box to make it sing a song or say puff! :3 :D