RED Hummingbird Feeders

This is not your average humming bird feeder, but it works just the same! Make, fill, place, and you'll have hummingbird flying all around in just hours!


You will all of these materials (or access to them in the case of the printer).

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Step 1: Print

Print out the parts...

Red flower:

Orange Tulip:

Remove the supports and smooth to your liking.

Step 2: Glue and Paint

Glue parts together. Paint to your liking or just leave it the way it is!

Painting Method 1: Spray Paint (the better way)

Protective enamel - A MUST if your printer is not of very high quality OTHERWISE it will leak

Spray paint

Painting Method 2: Quick and Easy (it will still look great)

Protective enamel - A MUST if your printer is not of high quality OTHERWISE it will leak

Paint with acrylic or other permanent paint

Step 3: Fill With Hummingbird Juice and Find a Spot!



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