Humorous Rope Barometer





Introduction: Humorous Rope Barometer

I was inspired to build my own Rope Barometer after seeing one at a golf course. 

Step 1: Getting Started

I went to the store and bought some wood but any wood you have around can work. I also bought some rope, I wanted to use natural-fibre rope instead of nylon rope only because I thought it would look better. 

Step 2: Screen Printing the Graphics

I could have used a variety of methods to print on the graphics but I decided to screen print them on. I understand that it is probably the most difficult way but I think it looks the best. Basically I wanted to learn how to screen print too. I bought a screen printing kit from a local art supply store. After reading about the different ways to screen print I decided to use the Photo Emulation method

Step 3: Add the Rope

Simply drill a hole, slip the rope through, and tie a not at both ends. 

Step 4: Clear Coat

I added a clear coat to protect the silkscreen ink from the elements.  

Step 5: Final Project

And here is the final project! I hope you enjoyed this instructable! 



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    41 Discussions

    This looks great, your version looks far better than the version that inspired you in the first place.

    1 reply

    Hey thank you! I was fun to make. I am thinking of making another one and shipping it to the golf course we saw it at in Augusta, GA. The Patch

    This is great! I saw something like this using a rock, but this is so much fun since you can customize it to fit a friend for a gift. Wonderful instructable!

    1 reply

    Hey thanks! That's exactly what I was thinking too. With the space where I put the golfer you can put anything you want, you can write a title, draw something, or stick on sticker. Any theme works. Thanks again for the nice comment!

    This is really great! I think I will make one for my uncle, he is a golfer and a sailor so he would like this alot. Thanks for the share!

    I decided to make two other designs; a hunter and a fisherman. I am also selling them at a local farmers market and on Esty


    Thank You! Yeah not that I know how to screen print I want to do it more.

    Its something I definitely have to try in the future! It would be neat to screen print shirts and things like this

    Sabership: ...a battery holder on the front.
    PURE GENIUS!! Now I HAVE to make one. Maybe I'll include a little red Power LED next to it.

    ok nice work but maybe i missed something how works like barometer? Or is just a joke?