Humpback Whale

How to make a Humpback whale breaching in 6 simple steps.


For this project you are going to need:

(1) box cutting or craft knife, ruler or yardstick, pencil, and LOTS of cardboard.

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Step 1: Suplies

In order to make this cardboard creation you are going to need:

(1) box cutting or craft knife, ruler or yardstick, pencil, and LOTS of cardboard.

Step 2: Sketching the Humpback Whale

Before we build our final project it is beneficial that we sketch what we are trying to make. Try experimenting with different positions and forms before you go on to your final piece.

Step 3: Building Body Pieces

On your piece of cardboard draw the outline of your whale and cut it out. Then trace the piece you just cut and cut out your second body piece. You should have 2 identical pieces of cardboard. My whale was approximately 2ft tall.

Step 4: Making the Flippers

Draw an outline of your flipper on your cardboard box. Cut it out, and trace it 3 times. Cut out the three flippers you just traced. You should have 4 identical flippers. My flippers where each about 1 1/2 ft.

Step 5: Creating Support and Structure

Cut circles or hexagons like the image above. Put them evenly on the whale and flippers every 2 inchs or so. This will not only help your whale stay together but it will also make your whale 3d. Make sure your circles have an equal radius to the radius of the whale.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Cut slits in your whale and your circles (or hexagons) that are equal to the radius. This will make your circles fit perfectly on your whale. Repeat this for every circle (or hexagon) on the your whale. Then put all the circles on their respective parts and attach the flippers. Hopefully your whale will look something like this.

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    Penolopy Bulnick

    6 weeks ago

    A whale is a fun idea for a sculpture :)