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Time is passing by and my desk is getting crowded day by day. Mostly used tools such as a pen for sketching and marking as well as a screwdriver for repairing are needed almost daily. When I have too much stuffs on the desk, I will sometimes move some of them to another place when I need to write or I need to repair a small thing. When I need one of them back (I forgot where I moved the last time, may be two days ago) I have to search the entire room. I need a better place. Off the desk and easy to reach. That is the ceiling. This project is inspired by the mechanic's retractable hose at automotive repair shop :D

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. O-ring screws (2 pieces).
2. String (racket nylon or paracord will do).
3. Hammer.
4. Tongs.
5. Nut of a bolt (size/weight depends on the object/tools you want to hang. They should have similar weight).

Step 2: First O-Ring

Screw an O-ring near the wall where there is no window or painting or any other furniture. A place near the corner is best.

Step 3: Second O-Ring

Screw another O-ring screws above your desk.

Step 4: String and Knots

Put a string through both O-rings. The length depends on your need. Well, I make a hovering pen. Tie one end of the string over the desk to a pen. You can tie up on its clip or drill a hole if necessary. My standard ballpoint pen already has holes through it right before its tail cap. Tie the other end near the wall to a nut (of bolt) with appropriate weight to the pen. I am not that good in knots and their name, but I like using this simple running loop. I think it is called "Noose Knot".

If I want to write something, just grab and pull my pen. When I finish, just raise my hand on its hovering position.

Step 5: Improvise

For screwdriver, make an appropriate knots to hold it securely. When you are using the screwdriver (releasing it from the string), the nut-side will be heavier and pull the string to unreachable position or even off the O-rings, then you need a replacement stuff to balance the weight at the desk side.

But a better idea crossing my mind while making this project. Stick a not-too-strong magnet on the wall where it can catch the nut when it passes by slowly. When we are using the tool, let the nut sit there for a while. When we are done, just pull the nut away from the magnet and let it passes the magnet faster so that it is not caught.

The photos above is just some sample knots for holding a screwdriver. I haven't got a better string to hang it there at the moment. I think paracord is okay too. The lower knot is a small fixed loop and the upper is running loop so that we can hold the screwdriver tight and also can be released.

Click to enlarge.
The other idea is put a pen at both ends of the string. This is useful when you run a spareparts or accessories store with a long display case and crowded stuffs leaving only a small area in the shop. You can put the O-ring on separate end of the display case so that you don't need to bring the pen all the time and you can use it wherever you are along the case top. It also prevent the customers from stealing your pen :D

Let your wild imagination flows and tell us what you got on the comment section, but please no comments on my dirty ceiling, pleasee.. (-.-")

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