Hungarian Liver Soup (Majleves)

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Commonly, this soup is using pork meat and pig's liver.

Step 1: Ingredients

400 g beef, cubed

200 g cow's liver, cut bite size

3-4 large onion, sliced thinly

salt, ground white pepper to taste

1-2 tsp vinegar

2 generous tbsp cooking oil

2 heaping tbsp flour

1 tbsp roasted paprika powder

2 dl sour cream

Step 2: Method

Into a pot, bring to boil beef cubes with 2 1/2 L water, seasoned with salt and white pepper. Add in sliced onion.

When beef is half soft, add in vinegar

Once beef completely soft, make roux, then stir in roux into pot, followed with liver

Adjust flavor and cook only for 3-4 minutes long

Serve immediately (with any kinds of pasta you prefer) with a dollop or two of sour cream. Enjoy~


Heat oil, saute flour, sprinkle with paprika powder and add enough water to thicken



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