Hungarian Pear Cheesecake (Császárkörte)





Introduction: Hungarian Pear Cheesecake (Császárkörte)

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The cheesecake is using au bain marie method. You can use cream wafer or regular vanilla wafer (by Nila). You can also substitute the Hungarian pear essence to any essences you like better!

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

8 Vanilla cream wafer, make crumbs (you can also use Nila vanilla wafer that commonly used for cheesecake crust)

8 tbsps sugar

2 eggs

1/2 tbsps Hungarian pear essence (Császárkörte aroma) - or other essence/oil/extract

1 package cream cheese (250 grams), softened

13 tbsps sour cream

2 tbsps flour

In food processor, process wafer.

Using heavy duty aluminum foil, wrap outside from bottom to the sides of a spring form pan. Grease lightly with margarine the inside part. Sprinkle evenly wafer crumbs, set aside.

Using electric mixer, mix cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, and flour, adding egg one at a time, until ingredients mixed well but do not over beat.

Meanwhile, boil some water.

Spoon a sum of the cream cheese mixture into a separate bowl, and mix in well the Császárkörte essence, then pour to the crust evenly.

Pour the left over cream cheese mixture, drop some essence on top. Using knife or bamboo skewer mix around the essence to make marble effect.

Place pan in a shallow baking dish/baking pan. Pour hot water to the baking dish. Bake cheesecake for 45-60 minutes.

Do not open for the first half hour otherwise cheesecake will fall. Turn off oven. Take out cheesecake from the water carefully. Peel off the aluminum foil and cool cheesecake at room temperature for an hour.

Wrap cheesecake pan with plastic wrapper and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Best result is overnight.



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    Got mine at an European store. If you have a Little Italy area in your city, there usually a store that sells European stuffs for cooking and baking. If you cannot find it, this recipe can be modified using other essences/extract/oil


    2 years ago

    Még egy magyar finomság! ;)

    Nom nom !!!!!!! I need cheese cake!!!!!!!!

    I don't know why it would matter if the photos were taken in 2007.. This cheesecake looks great! That's the important thing :)

    Do you already have the Photos like Taken long time back or you do take them noe

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    This happens each time I change cameras (moving sd card/disk from Fuji to Samsung). The time and date settings always messed up, so whatever the camera shows, I just dont do the settings anymore.

    Did you take these photos in 2007? Anyway, sounds delicious:)

    1 reply

    It's the disk in the camera. Whenever I insert it from my Fuji to my
    Samsung hand pocket, the setting of the date (and time) always change
    by itself. Its gotten to the point I just dont bother setting to the
    proper date and time anymore lol