Hunter Face Paint (Lisa Frank)

Introduction: Hunter Face Paint (Lisa Frank)

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My first version of Hunter from the Lisa Frank character line-up is inspired by Instagram face / body artist Sabrina Geraghty and Ms.MaoMaoz on YouTube. If you believe this looks too simple, I will be doing a second version of Hunter in the future.


Rainbow Cat with Lipstick:

Sarah Geraghty @artful_elegance on Instagram

Step 1: Start With White

I began by using white to make the eyes and muzzle. I used White from Mehron Paradise.

Step 2: Yellow

Then, I continued on with yellow around those white areas. I used Yellow from Mehron Paradise.

Step 3: Rainbow of Colors

Then, I used a mix of orange, pink, and purple from Mehron Paradise, and from the Juicy Fruit Rainbow Cake from Silly Farm to blend into those same areas, including on the over the eyes, on the forehead, and across the upper cheekbones.

Step 4: Black

Then, I took some black to the face to make outlines on the muzzle, color in the lips, and added a winged eyeliner on the bottom eyelids. Then, I added spots, a nose, and a white highlight to the nose.

Step 5: Wig

Finally, I wanted to give this face an even more sassy look. So, I popped on a long lavender wig to complete the look!

Step 6: You Gotta Have It!

Now, you gotta love this! Even Lisa Frank would have approved of this as well!

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