Hunting Camp Coffee Table


Introduction: Hunting Camp Coffee Table

I designed and built this 30" wide, 52" long and 18" high coffee table out of solid oak lumber (1" thick).  In the top of the table I built a recessed area for a steel art piece.  I design and cut the picture of deers in the mountains with a plasma cutter.  Special molding was made to hold tempered glass  1/4" below  top of table and incase steel art work.

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    this is great do you think you could make me one of those inserts only ducks

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    What exactly do you put on the table top, and I'm talking about the wood. You put on the stain, and I was wondering what goes on top of that? There must be some kind of coating for durability.

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    Amazing table we like it a lot!!! keep up the good work.

    Very nice looking! Are you going to put a glass top over the image so you could use it without fear of a glass tipping off the edge of the steel?

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    I made special molding that holds a tempered glass over the steel and even with top of table. Look closely at the photos and you will see the molding and glass.

    Guess I need to get my eyes checked, didn't glare on the glass till you pointed it out. DUHHhh. Thanks. It still looks good =)