Hunting Scent Tip Dripper

Introduction: Hunting Scent Tip Dripper

The Tip Dripper is meant to allow game to tip the dripper up allowing the bait scent to be released out of the dripper hole.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

(1)1.25" PVC Cap
(1)1.25" PVC Male Adapter
(1) Eyebolt (Size May Vary)
(2) Nuts (Match The Machine Size of The Eyebolt)
Spray Paint for Camo

Step 2: Dripper Construction

Step 1. Cut The Dripper Shaft To The Desired Length

Step 2. Glue The End Cap And The Male Adapter To The Dripper Shaft Using PVC Cement

Step 3. Drill Dripper Hole In Dripper Shaft at 2" From The Top of The Shaft

Step 4. Drill Mounting Hole In Top Cap To Attach Eyebolt

Step 5. Attach The Eyebolt With A Nut On Either Side Of The Top Cap Wall For Strength

Step 3: Paint

I used the Pine Needle Masking Techniquie documented by murph38_99 in his wonderful Instructable

I also added Reflective tape to the top to make it easier to find in low light situations.



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    4 Discussions

    i know this is old but this isn't cheating... haven't you ever heard of mock scrapes?

    It’s primarily designed for hogs, but the principle would work for deer or bear as well. Although I am not sure it would hold it’s on against a bear. I am using a product called black and gold in it for an upcoming hog hunt. But any liquid scent attractant could be used.

    So, you hide this in the undergrowth, and you hide in a bush and wait for the hog to come to you?

    (Smacks slightly of cheating to me.)