Huntress (in Training)

Intro: Huntress (in Training)

  THis costume started as a tutu dress. The tutu  dress is made using a crochet tube top for the bodice to which I attached  3 foot lengths of 6 inch tulle . The crochet tube tops  and spools of 6 inch tulle are available at most fabric/craft stores.
   I made a hooded cape from brown fabric using a commercial pattern for a child's costume cape.
    The quiver is a cardboard tube covered with fabric and trim. I cut slits in the tube and ran a  thrift store leather belt through the slit . The belt can then be adjusted for wearing over the shoulder. There is another belt at the waist and a simple pouch made from a circle of fabric gathered at the edges and tied to the belt.
    The arrows are dowels with feathers glued on.
   This is a simple and inexpensive costume to make.



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    Great idea! Adorable model!!!