Introduction: Huntress

  My daughter is a huge fan of fantasy realms and wanted a realistic looking elven/huntress costume. She did not want something cartoonish. So, I tried to envision what a huntress would look like if they truely existed.
   To start with I chose fabrics in muted woodland hues that would blend in with nature.I looked for matte finishes and natural cotton, linen or tapestry types of fabrics.Each piece was made with a different texture, weight and color fabric, because I didn't want the pieces to match exactly.
  I didn't make or use a pattern, simply making the costume up as I went along. The blouse and pants are very basic pieces.I put most of the work into the corset. I made a basic corset adding matching tabs along the bottom edge and adding trim to all the edges. There are ribbon roses around the neck line for a feminine touch.
    The belts are thrift store finds. The bow is a stick with a twine string.
  The quiver is a fabric covered cardboard tube with a piece of foam in the bottom. The arrows  are dowels with paper feathers glue on and stuck into the foam in the bottom of the quiver,
   The cape is two large rectangles of fabric that I ran a drawing string through and tied around the front.
   It was hard to find a flat heeled boot with the look i wanted so I constructed boot spats from heavy weight black fabric. I left them open in the front, added grommets and laced it up. Finally, I added straps and buckles for decoration. It would have been cheaper to buy boots. This was the most expensive part of the costume.



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    This costume is really good! Your daughter is lucky. I think I'll try this one.

    very cool; my girlfriend likes it so much its now this winters sewing project for her to wear to a renn fest next year.

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    HA HA ! Thats what this costume was originally made for. My daughter wore it to the Florida RenFest in Deerfield Beach, Fl.

    Well done :) You're daughter is lucky to have you! She looks great.

    Thank you. Look for my newest "Baby Barrista". I made my grand daughter a pumpkin spice latte costume. It was quick and cheap, but came out adorable.

    Thank you. Costumes are an obsession of mine! I just posted a photo of my grand daughter as a baby bariata. It was a 30 minute costume ,but came out "super cute".

    That is awesome. My mom just made ghost and hobo costumes (complete with ash from the fireplace!).

    She is a great cook, though.

    Thanks for your comments and assistance. I am better at costumes than I am with computers,but I am working on improving my skills. LOL. Thanks again.