Hush-hush Garage Opener in a Tin

Introduction: Hush-hush Garage Opener in a Tin

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Hush-hush garage opener in a tin that I made it at Techshop.

I needed a way to hide my garage door opener, but also have access to it.  This is my hidden garage door opener in a tin.  With the lid closed; I can push down on the letter D and it activates the button to open or close the door.

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Step 1: Traced and Cut Lid Foam

Traced the lid atop 2mm craft foam for lid insert and cut it out with household scissors.

Step 2: Traced and Cut Base Foam

Traced the bottom of tin atop of 2mm foam for base insert and cut it out with household scissors.

Step 3: Retainer Cushion

Traced tin on 13 mm foam for retainer cushion and cut it out with house hold scissors. I used the lid for tracing so I will have a tight fit.  Lid is slightly larger than the base.  I used scrap piece of 13mm foam for this project

Step 4: Overview of Cut Outs

Here are the cut outs; 13 mm foam for retainer cushion looks a little ruff because of my trials for correct positioning of garage door opener.  I needed to open up the one side for the signal transmission.  Please remember  that the lid and base foam are different size patterns. 

Step 5: Completed Assembly

Here is the completed assembly.  I metal punched a few holes in the end. Even thought the garage door opener worked without the holes, it worked better with them.  The biggest hurdle of this project is figuring out the foam thickness.  I needed the right height to allow me to press just the metal of the lid to activate.  By putting the 2mm foam under the device and putting 2mm foam in the lid is what worked for me.  The craft store also sold 6mm foam which I did not need.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! I have the same remote and I am always pressing the button by accident in my pocket. These remotes are way too sensitive.