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Introduction: Husk a Coconut With Workshop Tools

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Husking is quite laborious job but if you know simple techniques you can easily husk a coconut by almost anything.

every workshop contains many instrument/tools which can be use to husk coconut.

I am sharing my two techniques which I found safe than other techniques.

Step 1: Tools Require

We can husk coconut by many tools but for safety there are few common tools I will use here.

1.bench vice

2.hack saw

3. screwdriver

4. Hammer

5. coconut (most important)

to husk coconut, technique is quite simple but gripping a coconut is always difficult. that why I use bench vice, but if you don't have bench vice then there is another technique too.

It is always helpful to use common sense while doing any unpredictable job.

Step 2: First Method (with Bench Vice)

1. Grab coconut in vice very firmly, it should not loose.

2. with help of hammer, penetrate a screw diver(2")in top of coconut.

(while penetrating keep watch on depth some time coconut shell can damage if penetrate in wrong direction )

3. adjust vice and push screw diver away from coconut (pic no. 2)

(my vice is not fixed to ground but fixed vice is quite helpful for this task.)

4. keep continue to remove all husk.

Step 3: Second Method (without Vice)

If you don't have anything like vice, use this method to husk coconut with an extra screw diver.

1. with hack saw give a full length cut at one side.

2. penetrate two screw diver opposite to hack saw cut.

3. grab coconut in legs and push ONE screw diver and pull OTHER screw diver toward you.

This pulling and pushing will give grip over coconut and husk will easily came out.

4. apply same pull-push to husk every thing.

Step 4: Safety and Precautions

Never use too much force while husking coconut.

Use appropriate technique you know.

Dry (brown shell) coconut are easy husk than fresh (green)coconut. keep coconut in sunlight for some days to dry them.

we can husk coconut by anything but always analyse and keep safety while working. every coconut is different so before husk just give some time to study techniques.

thanks for reading :)

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