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Introduction: Hybrid Bookshelves

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We had some book shelves fall apart and I did not just want to throw it all away. I has some spare pvc lying arournd and decided to merge the two into working bookshelves. The self on the right is just like what the old shelf looked like. The new shelf holds just as many books. One thing I knew but did not express was that these units are very portable and would be easy to break down if you had to move. Something you could not do with the original units.

Step 1: What's Needed.

What's needed:
Shelves from the old bookshelf or you can get them from the local hardware store.
4 pvc pipe lengths. s/b under 2 bucks apiece.
Pvc ends would make it look nicer but not required.
at 4 sets of screws, washers, and bolts for each shelf.

Dril (a drill press would be better) with bits the size of the diameter of the pvc and for the screws.
C-Clamps (which I do not have).

Step 2: Preparation

Drill the holes in the shelves all at once so they are aligned. (something I should have done). I always did like Salvador Dali
Measure about 1/2 inc to an inch on each pipe and mark. This is where you want to drill you first holes.
Drill the four holes in the pvc for the bolts.
Put in a set of bolts, washers, and nuts for the first shelf..
Install the first shelf.
Now measure up 10 inches and repeat the process till all shelves are done.
If shelves are loose, you may want to add some king of back brace to the system.

Step 3: Use the Bookshelf.

It's done.



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    You can see my job was not perfect, but I had to do them in a hurt and wiithout special tools.Draw it on paper as how you would do it and that should allow for things to be easier Access to a drill press to make all the holes in the same place would have been a plus. Good luck

    Gee, you guys! I thought the idea was to BE NICE. I don't build much stuff, since I don't have that skill, but you were critical beyond rationality. What difference does it make if he has camera skills? He had innovation skills. Isn't that the goal here?

    1 reply

    I like the daliesqueness of the off kilter pvc ! I love making things out of pvc pipe! It does not take a rocket scientist to build this thing if you have any kind of savvy..... Valid point but the basis of this site is instructing those who may NOT have the savy or experience

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    Do you really want to see make the same hole and insert the screw 15 plus times. Thought I described it pretty well what to do. Ironically I had heat from elsewhere even for putting up such an instructabke that anyone should be able to do on their own.

    What's a camera? If I had had the time, would have moved the unit where there was better light. I do not use proprietary platform products. More steps is probably a legitimate comment. It does not take a rocket scientist to build this thing if you have any kind of savvy. Considering some really complicated projects that do not get the same critical eye of more steps, I will take it into consideration. As soon as I build another one I will add more steps.

    Nothing wrong with the camera. They actually look that way. Bugged me too at first. I like everything squared and perfect, but it is nice to have a little change once in a while.

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    No, you need to fix either your camera, or your image processing software. Everything is overexposed, like you took the pictures from behind a white sheer curtain.

    Or maybe everything was underexposed and the images have been adjusted by cranking up the "brightness"?


    Maybe. Either way, dude needs to either fix or learn how to use his camera.

    I can make it look better with PhotoShop, but the original image quality says "low light" to me. L

    Step 2 should be broken into separate steps, with each one showing a picture of the component after doing one thing to it.

    dude, fix your camera, seriously. other than that, nice ible, short but sweet. might want to break it up into more steps tough.