Hydrangea Cupcake Bouquets

Introduction: Hydrangea Cupcake Bouquets

These are great for mother's day & you can eat them! I delivered them to their office or home just like fresh flowers would be delivered. The mother's loved them!

You will need:
a flower pot
green tissue paper
styrofoam to fit in flower pot
cake mix & ingredients on box
white icing
blue/lavender/pink cake dye
lolly pop sticks (optional)
2D tip
piping bag

Prepare flower pot by placing styrofoam in pot. Next place tissue paper over styrofoam. Decorate with ribbon or bow.

Bake cupcakes according to directions on box & cool. Tint icing whatever hydrangea color you like. Fill piping bags with icing. Frost cupcakes with thin layer of icing. Next using the piping bag, pipe stars all over the cupcakes. To resemble hydrangea. May take a little practice. But not hard!  Use icing to secure cupcakes in flower pot. You can also use lolly pop sticks to push in foam & cupcake to secure. 

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