Hydration Pack - Bite Valve Cover





Introduction: Hydration Pack - Bite Valve Cover

This a handy use for a 35mm film canister if you are need of a cover for your hydration pack's bite valve.

Do you throw your backpack down during a midday break, just to have it covered with dirt, cow feces or an army of ants? Well fear no more friend. A FREE solution has just come your way. Your days of sucking floor spice are over.

Step 1: Gather the Goods

I could not find a soul who still carried these plastic 35mm canisters. Luckily, I was able to stop by a local photography shop and pick a few up for free. They manager was just confused to see me so happy for a piece of "garbage". Charade you are store manager! (seriously though, thanks dude).

I don't think anybody would have a problem finding these for free. Some other spots you might check are places like Walgreens or your hording neighbor.

  • Your hands(2)
  • Drill
  • 35mm film canister(1)


Step 2: Drill Your Can!.......ister.

Pick a drill bit that will provide a snug fit with the circumference of your hydration pack hose. Drill slowly to prevent ripping of the plastic.

Step 3: Feed It

Just feed the hose through the freshly drilled hole and snap the bite valve back into the hose.

Step 4: Making Sure Everything Fits

You should be able to pop the lid of the canister on and everything will stay together nicely. You now have a lightweight and free bite valve cover you can brag to your friends about.

Additional thoughts: If you are worried about losing the cap, you could always tie the cap & lid together with dental floss or paracord. Just drill a small hole in the lid and the body, run some cordage through both. DONE!



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    16 Discussions

    I like the idea..35mm canisters are not as popular and are now tough to find. .how about an old pill bottle instead?

    1 reply

    I actually started with a spice container(cinnamon) and medication container(annoying lid). These worked but just didn't fit as nicely. While I wasn't able to find a 35mm case from anyone I knew, a local photography shop still had some available for free. They are still around, you just have to look!

    I like. I've saved a few 35 mm canisters. I'll give it a go.

    Excellent idea for a common problem!! One word of advice though, be sure to THOROUGHLY clean the film canister beforehand, as there are multiple toxic chemicals in film that you probably don't want to ingest. Thumbs up!!

    like it ! I had to jiffy something up out of duct tape after the chch earthquake cos I wasn't too keen on the grit that was getting on the mouthpiece of my water bladder- this would have been sooo much better!

    Another thing you could use instead of film canisters would be a vial that holds strips for a glucometer. Most diabetics throw these out too.

    You can get the 35mm canisters online for about .50 cents.

    I could have used that three weeks ago when my kayak and I took a dump. I was woried what might have been in the mud that ended up in the mouthpiece. Fortinatly I carry a little vile of bleach in the bag that holds the filter pump.

    ingenious! what you described was always something I didn't want to think about when I would throw my backpack down…..great solution. Why didn't Camelback think of that? Maybe you should patent your little device and make big bucks when Camelback uses your idea?

    Simple and effective. Good job. (The "floor spice" comment made me chuckle.) Thanks for posting.

    ok..thanks for the feedback