Hydraulic Crane (Syringes)

Introduction: Hydraulic Crane (Syringes)

This hydraulic crane is s school project, where we had to build a crane with synringes that could lift the higehst possible weight.


1. MDF (600x600x6mm).

2. 1, 10ml syringes, 1, 20ml synringe and a tube who fits the end of the needles.

3. 3, M5 x 40mm bolt and nuts.

4. Any kind of thread who fits you.

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Step 1: Cutting Out the Crane!

We used a Laser Cutter, Its the fastest tool to cut out all these triangles.

As you can see it took us 21 min, to cut i all out on a 100 watt laser cutter.

Step 2: Its Already Time to Assemble!

Pircture 1:

Take one of the sidse. Put the wedge holders into the rektanguler holes. Then place the wedges to fasten them.

Picture 2:

Now put the piston plate (Rektangular plate with 3 holes) and the big wheel into place. Assemble them with one of the M5 bolts. Then you are able to place the syringe, it fits in the small rektangular hole. (you might have to cut a little bit in the syringe to make it fit).

Now you should assemble one medium wheel then the small wheel and one more medium wheel in the top right corner with a M5 bolt aswell.

Let's move on to step 3!

Step 3: Almost Done!

Picture 1:

Now you can put the thread around the big wheel. (If you grind a small crack its easier to control the thread)

Picture 2 + 3:

Now you can fasten the other side and the feets to make it stable.

Picture 4:

Connect both syringes with the tube and fill it with water:

Now its time to have fun!

Step 4: Time to Make a Test!


We are really happy for our final produkt, we love the design and how it works.

Out biggest problem is that when we pull the big syringe, and push the big wheel down. Then we pulled the plunge out of the small syringes, because the 2 long holes where too long. We pulled the object for about 50 mm. maximum should be 100 mm. Unfortunately we had no time to change it, but its changed in the DXF file.

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    4 years ago

    Cool! How much could it lift?