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Introduction: Hydraulic Power Pack

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After making a plunger presented on one of our previous videos and as we make machines that work using plungers, we considered it necessary to add a mobile, hydraulic unit in our shop too. This construction is the unit that transfers the oil with pressure in order to move the plunger. Therefore, we made a metallic jar to pour the oil inside. Additionally, we put wheels under the jar and a metallic, steering wheel to move it around. The jar’s capacity can fit up to 60 liters liquid. To seal the top part of the jar, we placed a metallic, iron plate 6mm thick that is remained stable by 10 screws placed around the top part of the jar.

Step 1: Components

On the particular metallic plate, we applied the rest components. Firstly, we placed an electrical engine of 3hp and on this engine, we put the hydraulic pump which is located inside the jar unlike the motor which is located on the top part of the jar. On the one side of the pump, we placed a tube that on its edge, there is a filter. This side of the pump is the one that the pump gets the oil that is also sent to the other edge of the jar on the controller through a tube. On the controller, it is also placed the way to send the oil back to the jar after getting filtered using the filter placed on the top side of the jar. Moreover, next to the controller, there is a clock that shows the pressure exerted when the pump shoves the oil. The motor can be turned on and off using a switch located next to the clock.

Step 2: Finish

Finally, on the tank we placed a component that shows us the level and the temperature of the oil that is currently in the tank. The oil is poured in the jar by a bottle stopper that we put on the top side of the jar. Thus, we made a complete hydraulic unit that is connected with two tubes of high pressure on any plunger that we move using our remote controller.

Step 3: Video

The hydraulic systems are widely known for their uses on various machines and we are very glad that now, we have our own system. Closing, we hope to make a lot of hydraulic machines in the future.

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    3 Discussions


    OK, but there's NOTHING "extreme" here!

    Typical portable hydraulic pump unit style, used in most industries all around planet.


    3 years ago

    Looks very professional. Without details of the motor (type/rpm/shaft size), hydraulic pump(type/pressure/connections), sump pickup connections, level gauge and pressure gauge connections, this seems more like a show and tell than an Instructable. Perhaps a lot was lost in translation


    3 years ago

    I could use a bit more detail of the internal connections and perhaps a shot or two from the back thanks.