DIY Robotic Arm




Introduction: DIY Robotic Arm

This robotic arm is homemade with things that you throw.

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Step 1: Materials:

1- 3x 10cc syringe

2- 1x 5cc syringe

3- tooth brush case

4- a tube

5- aluminium wire

6- aluminium tube

Step 2: The Hand

The hand is made up of 2 tooth brush cases, 1x 5cc syringes and an aluminium wire.

First you have to make a turn on the first tooth brush case using the aluminium wire, then connect the syringe to it finally glue the syringe's end to the second tooth brush case.

Step 3: The Arm and Extendable Arm

This is the best part because many of you didn't see any extendable arm on hydraulic arm. this is a simple trick. this is how you should do it. first you need an aluminium tube, 1x 10cc syringe and a piece of metal for extending arm. first take the aluminium tube and connect the piece of metal so it can slide on the Aluminium tube and put the syringe on the tube so it can touch the piece of metal with the end part of the syringe finally, connect the syringe's end with the metal.

Step 4: The Shoulder and the Base

The shoulder holds both the arm and hand. it is made up of 1x 10cc syringe and 1 tooth brush case. glue the syringe on the case and that's all. As you know the base holds every part of the robotic arm. the base is custom made using aluminium wire and a piece if cardboard.

Step 5: Putting All Together

you are almost done. putting all together.

first glue the hand on the extendable arm, then glue the end of the syringe on the shoulder to the arm finally put all on the base.

Step 6: Finished!!!!

you are all done just connect the syringes with tube and put some water in it and DONE!!!!

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