Hydro Plane

Introduction: Hydro Plane

to day we are going to build a hydro plane.

what re we going to need

  1. Remote + receiver ( with at least 3 channels)
  2. ESC unit ( make sure it is matched whith the motor)
  3. Brushed or brushless motor
  4. a sheet of ply wood size depending on the you are building ( foam-board/depron if you want to make it fly)
  5. some thick 1 mm metal wire
  6. glue
  7. 2 or 3 servo's depending on strength and complexity of your own design
  8. a lip battery matching you equipment


  1. 3d printer
  2. laser cutter

this tutorial is divided into X step

  1. testing your equipment
  2. desinging the plane
  3. building the plane
  4. testing plane on the ground
  5. air test

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Step 1: Testing Your Equipment

for this tutorial

i could get the electronic equipment from a friend.

and that probably why the first thing i did was testing the equipment

i used a 4k 40MHz europa spring multiplex sender

and a min 7 receiver.

this allowed me to use op to 7 channels if necessary.

i hooked up 3 servo's and my esc receiver and zippy 2s 2200 mah battery

and this video was the result for this first test is use an relatively heavy and low rpm motor.

because is was not sure to replace the esc and the motor to brushless or to just buy a high performance brushed motor.

note that on the video i placed 4 servo but only use three the last one is not connected as i showed

see video

Step 2: Ordering Goods for You Project

i eventuly decied to go for brushless

i also could get this cheap my list has become the following

  • 3s 2200Mah lipo
  • b20 20L hacker
  • 20A blueseries hobbyking esc
  • tunigy mini servo 9g plastic gear.
  • and stile the multiplex receiver
  • and the remote

Step 3: Building the Plane

for building the plane i used a paper covered foam board.

i have used a laser cutter.

but on settings engraving lead glass.

the reasons for this was it would catch fire if you don't

you do need to run about 3 time now until it is completely trough.

i also did made sure my plane were oke so i made a paper model

but made sure my planes were fine first so i made a smal paper model

the big problem whit paper covered foam board water.

because it is paper it will dissolve in water.

so how did i prevent it form dissolved after building the plane completely covered it in packing tape.

see the foto's.

for the plane plans click here here.

Step 4: Mounting the Servo's and Motor

for mounting the is used 3d printed control horns models found on thing verse.

the servo's connection to the plan was done by double sided adhesive tape.

the motor bracket i made from a L-profile beam hanger.

i took the bracket from my mother and measure it on the l profile drilled some holes and mounted it.

Step 5: Connecting You Electronically Circuit

for the circuit you should check the descriptions in your receiver.

but the following list is for the connectors

  1. Black = ground
  2. Red =Vcc+ 5V
  3. yellow/orange= signal channel

when you reverse your connection whit 180 the servo will work the other way around.

watch out you can only do that for servo's not for the ESC.

Step 6: Testing Hydro Plane

here a video of my testing

i did made a knex Frame on the bottem.

So it could rol over the ground for testing.

only in this test i have blocked the wheels because it otherwise would destroy my room.

i do already have some video's of other planes

because plane still need some adjustments.

as you can see in the video you also a some easy versions that also could work

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    you liar this can be brought from most trading websites i have been on!