Hydrogen Extraction- at Home



This device is made to break apart hydrogen and oxygen molecules (H20) using electrolysis. You will need two 20-25cm tubes (depending on how big your bottles are), two bottles, salt and 3 nine volt batteries (or other power source). Fill one bottle a little over half way with warm water, pour salt into the water and stir, keep adding salt until the water cannot dissolve the salt. Make a hole in the cap of the bottle a bit smaller than the diameter of your tube to have a secure fit. Make another small hole a bit smaller than the diameter of your tube about 5cm above the bottom of the next bottle. Once you've put your tube in the hole of the bottle seal the edges with hot glue or some other water proof seal, after the seal dries fill up the bottle with water about 1cm above your tube - This is to let you know gas is running through your tube-. When your done, place your nine volt batteries (or other power source) in the bottle with the salt water and watch your hydrogen bubble to the surface.



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