Hydroponics System




Introduction: Hydroponics System

Do you want a garden but do not have enough space, or time to have one? Well, my product is a system that requires minimal space, and only a few minutes a week!

Step 1: Step 1

Go to your nearest hardware store and get a 4 inch. by 10 foot PVC pipe, a 4 inch slip cap, and seeds. Then go to the pet shop and get a filter, airline, air stone, and air pump. Then you can either go online or find a local hydroponic store and buy some nursery cups, some wool seed holders, and a bottle of nutrients.  The nutrient called Oneness would be a perfect if you want to grow anything from flowers to fruits and vegetables.

Step 2: Step 2

Bring the supplies home and take the PVC and start by taking a large (about 2 inch) drill bit and drilling multiple holes along the top of the pipe with a few inches between each hole depending on what you are growing. Then take the slip caps and put them on the end of the pipe. Then drill small holes on each side of the pipe on the slip cap and put the elbow PVC in to the hole and put the one of the three airlines on each end of the elbow. Then get the large bucket and add air temperature water to the bucket. Then hook up the filter and the airrator and place them into the bucket also make both airlines lead straight into the bucket and hook up one of the air lines that should come with the filter to the filter.

Step 3: Step 3

Finally plant the seeds, or if you want buy some already started plants, and put them into your system.



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    Might I recommend; Instead of using a bucket use a fresh water fish tank. Put some bass or brim in it, but be sure you feed them everyday. Then your plants can get constant water that's good for them! (The fish's poo creates the water to contain more vitamins.)

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    If you do so, I'm afraid you cant use any liquid fertilizer for plant as it will reach the fish tank. Also you might wanna flatten the pvc pipe (into an rectangular shape if possible) so that you can get greater area of contact to the roots and less risk of drowning the plant. Using an timer to water the plant will be great if you are too busy... Use black tubings for nutrient supply. Transparent tubes have greater chance for algal growth. And it is a nice project.

    Also use gravel instead of dirt for easier passage without dirt particles in the fish's tank; If you use the fish you don't need the fertilizer; for the fish's excess is the fertilizer.

    Tell you what; I'll send you a link to the garden that I used with the fish.

    Once my brother sets up the farms website.

    Ok thanks