Hydroponics Hydro System

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This is part of a Hydroponic Hydro System that uses water to provide power for itself. I am building a water wheel to provide the power. It is still a working project. I am close to finishing the project. Once I have it finished I will have it all posted up.
  I got this idea from a Hydroponic System in my class room at NCUHS. I figured because the water is always flowing, why not use the water to provide power to the system. This way it is environmental friendly and is a renewable resource. So I put together this water wheel to do just that.
  If you have any questions shoot me a comment or a message.

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    I had a similare thought the one day but I don't think it is possible to power itself... sounds plausible because some of the work will be done by gravity but I don't think it would be able to power itself totally

    You might be able to lighten the load on your system but thats about it.

    Either way would like to see how it works out good luck.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    how long do you think it would take some to build you system and how muck do you think it would cost. once you are done do you plan on putting a supply list on the poject info part so people know what they need if they want to build the hydroponics hydro system.

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    yes i do plan on putting up a supply list once i have finished. it depends on how much time you have and the equipment you have to say how much time it would take to build the hydroponics hydro system.