Hyper Active Furby




Introduction: Hyper Active Furby

This is my first instructable. It's about how to make your Furby hyper. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS TO TELL ME HOW I DID!!!

Step 1: Materials

You will need
• a Furby boom
• yourself

Step 2: How to (Easy)

Tickle your Furby for a easy way.

Step 3: How to (Risk)

Turn your Furby upside down and shake it repeatedly. There can be two outcomes to this though. 1) your Furby is hyper
2) your Furby is an evil ninja



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    2 Discussions

    Lol mine turned evil:I wish
    (If I had one) anyway am getting one soon

    I helped make this because this is her first instructable. tickeling it takes for ever. Yet shake it the furby usually turns evil.