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Introduction: Hyundai Getz, Aftermarked Remote Controlled Central Lock

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So. i got me a Hyundai Getz. Nice little car. Central locking was installed, but not remote controlled.
So i went and got me an aftermarket kit, and wanted to hack that onto the existing system. Something i have done 50 times or so.
But that was not possible. I don't know if i should be mad or not, but the Getz hasn't actually GOT a normal central locking system, if it wasn't installed by the factory. Instead there is NO actuator in the drivers seat door, and NO electronic box that controls the other doors. There is instead, a relay INSIDE the driver side door lock, and when altering from locked to unlocked, this then sends the power to control the other doors, either one way, or the other. Smart, cheap, difficult to upgrade. Oh well, i guess that every thing cant be easy to exploit.
The Hyundai kit, includes new relays, a new door lock, and pulling apart the center console and the driver seat door.
we will only do the door.
To see how you get into the door, without damaging it, look at this.
Thats a nice blog about how to upgrade the cars sound system, and for doing this you also have to get into the door
EDIT: There IS an even easier way, see the last page.

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Step 1: So What to Do

Well, let me show you
1. Place the controller, at a place where it wont be in the way of the windows, and other goodies. i choose the lower outer corner, and fixed it with a couple of strips
the picture shows the power + ground cables pulled up to the original connector ( don't do like i did and cut the wire harness. cut the wires on the other side of the connector instead.
I removed the fuse, as the schematics tell me, that the power wire is fused via a 20 amp fuse.
EDIT: I have since had to realize, that the door is a place of much water, and a lot of bumps. This disabled my remote system on its 3. day. NOW i have the controlbox wrapped in foam (the kind you find in mattresses), and this i have then wrapped in a plastic bag. The wires i then feed in from the BOTTOM, so that any water, will fall OUT of the bag, instead of INTO it. NOW it works

Step 2: Getting Most of It to Work

So now we have power, we need to know witch wires to use, to control it all.
Look at the schematics for the new box, or if there are 4 actuators, just use the wires as described in the picture.
When this is done, most will work.

Step 3: The Really Hard Part.

So now we have 3 doors, and a boot working. The driver side doors not working, and the locks will only work in remote control mode.
This is because of the missing actuator in the driver seat door.
So we will have to install one( or get one from Hyunday, but that will be more expensive, than adding this one,as this one was in the kit).
after the pictures i connected black to black, brown to white, and white to brown.
That way, the polarity of the sensor matches the polarity of the actuators movement.

Clean up the wires, redo the plastic for moisture. And your set.

Now my placement, has me pushing the actuator and the door liner. Not a lot, but still.
The setup worked for about 3 days, then the remote stopped working. perhaps, the box cant stand the jolting of the closing door.
This i have still to fix ( could be its just a defective box)
See page 1, where i tell you how i fixed that.

HOW it works.
The control box, electrically  controls the 3 doors + boot AND the extra actuator, that mechanically controls the driver side door.
IF you use the key, to open the driver side door (or the inside handle) THAT mechanically pulls the actuator, sending a signal to the control box, making it electrically open the rest.

OK, so instead of messing with the wiring system, just get the + and - from the connector.
Connect this to the control box.
Connect the control box, to the new after marked actuator, placed/connected as show.

HOW this works.
The control box, electrically  controls the extra actuator that mechanically controls the driver side door.
The driver  side door original relay, then electrically drives the  3 doors + boot.
IF you use the key, to open the driver side door (or the inside handle) THAT mechanically pulls the actuator, sending a signal to the control box, doing nothing, AND works like it always has, by electrically controlling the 3 doors + boot

Step 4: The Missing Schematics

mahhhf asked me for some more details, and i agreed that the instructable, missed some schematics.
Well.. here U go. hope its usefill

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    12 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Step 2

    Io ho una hyundai atos prime e il motorino ( attuatore ) del lato guidatore che è quello che comanda tutte le altre porte li ho solo 4 cavi che ci escono li ho controllati sul bianco e nero ciò i 12 volt mentre gli altri due sono per aprire e chiudere come li collego


    Answer 1 year ago

    First of all, thx for thinking i understand italian. i dont, but google translate helped me. I guess what youre asking, is will it work on your car.. Yep. Take the 12 v, and feed the control box. Then add an actuator to pull the original one in the door. That one still has to be connected to 12v and signal.. Br


    2 years ago

    This is my Mazda 2, also trying to remote the central locking, I get this: the top two wires send back 10v from controller to actuator and they alternate polarity for open and close,all the doors have just these 2 wires. The bottom 3 wires however have wire one 2.5v constant to ground, wire two 2.5v on open wire three 2.5v on close, but when I attemtept to bridge out any of these combinations it will not close or open door?? Any ideas?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I dont quite think i understand how it works now, and what youre trying to get it to do.
    IF i get what youre saying correctly. The lock on the driver side, is actuated by you turning the key..
    This then sends a 2.5 V meassured from white or black, to gnd(brown).
    This then in turn, sends a 10v pulse, on the red wires, that then does the actual opening/closing of the doorlocks including the other doors..
    And this is all nice and good, but when you then try to connect white/black to brown. Nothing happens ?
    correct ?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    hi you have make a very good step by step guide

    like you i realize that is not motor but a relay i bought one motor with 5 cables i connect the blue and green but the other 3 where you have connect them???to the kit or to the car and which cable is what earth.+, or somthing.

    i cant make mine to work with the kit


    Reply 3 years ago

    Sorry just saw your question now...

    You have to make the 5 wire motor, work with the control box that came with the set


    3 years ago

    Followed your updated instructions and drivers door works but the actuator seems to trigger so fast the other doors don't unlock/lock most of the time. When locking manually they work every time.
    Any ideas?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Well just one or two

    If i understand you correctly, the drivers door works, but the rest doesnt ?

    And the original system is still original ( of course exepting that you "steal" power to the control box, mening the doors should work :-)

    If so, then perhaps the new actuator, isnt moving far enough to actuate the driver side door lock, meaning theres no signal, when trying the remote

    1) Is it mostly while locking, or is it when opening ? if both... you need another actuater with a longer throw or 3)

    2) if its the one, try adjusting the placement of the actuator a little bit.

    3) Try giving the non updated system a go.. i newer thought that my systems succes was because i only use the signal from the extra actuator, an drive the other doors from the control box... but it is a possibility.

    3a) Before doing this, try using a voltmeter, to see if the actuate signal is comming "out" from your control box... You could just connect a passenger/rear door actuator to verify that its working

    Best Browsem


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Thinks the connectors look perfect :-)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    yes would be much appreciated! this cable that cut is the power? I will put a clamp....( unite with the red board cable ?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    hello! i have a few questions because i want to intall to my getz! first of all why you removed the connector at step 1? if i will install the actuator only at drivers door i will have problem? (my car has central locking)
    TNX a lot!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Well.. that was a mistake. I didnt realise that the drivers door lock was a manually actuated relay. That s why I tried to connect the new box electric ally to the original central lock... waste of time. Instead put in a single actuator in the driver door. Hook up mechanical to the door lock as shown. You will have to get the power from thiz connector. But do it on the side of the lock..that way the original sire loom is intact in case you ever want to use the real system. Doing it this way you wil have to make sure that power is also going to the original lock. Then the remote will drive the original door lock mechanical ly and this will then drive the original central lock electrically.. im avay from home right now. But I can send you a system sketch when I get back.