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We'll make it clear here that this is my first action figure I ever modeled and never tried to do, so if you have something wrong or that does not match the original, forgive me: D.
Let us first list the materials that were used:

- Biscuit White - Pack 1Kg: R $ 15.10

- 3 different colors matte paint for crafts (Brown, Light Brown, Chocolate): R $ 2.10 each

- Stained Varnish for crafts: R $ 4.50 100ml - With small tip and soft bristle brush: AU $ 4.00

- Piece of 30 cm flat and cooked wire: R $ 1.00 Mt

- Package Moss: R $ 3.00 each

- Small clay cup: R $ 3.50 - White glue Net: R $ 2.00 small little pot

- Sand and stone construction

Let's start: D

Ps: Translated by Google Translate from Portuguese to English, sorry: /

Step 1: Structure Groot

To start making the doll first made the wireframe man-shaped toothpick, it is important to structure so twisted, so that the dough is very firm in structure and the dummy does not bend easily during the process, this step 've also define the size and can he have at the end of the project.

Step 2: Initial Structure

In this part, I was putting the biscuit on the wire to go better defining its final form, so I was just putting the dough around the wire, do not too thick, so that after we put the structure to look like wood, and that the structure will go more mass, so be careful with it.

Step 3: Mounting the Body

Now we actually begin to shape the Groot.
First started by the body in the low part of the stem, making rounded strips as if it were several mass earthworms, one thicker other thinner, and so I was putting a side by side, so that it could be the closest thing to the form original movie.

After that make the body start doing arms, to arms has a schema, do 5 very thin at the tip and earthworms will thicken the remaining bit better, and then add 1 cm after the press well and do fine tips his pulse, ai the fine tips that are left, are his fingers, and put the rest on top of the structure always irregularly shaped and curved in order to simulate a tree trunk.

Step 4: Riding the Head

For me this was the hardest part of the head.
I made a ball and was modeling the face with his finger, made the hole in the eye with the tip of the brush that is rounded, and then did well and put small balls into the hole to look like eyes, mouth I made a division cm even a toothpick.

Now the hardest head is his hair, had to make several very thin minhoquinhas and then join them well and put over his head, when you are doing may seem strange, that might not work, plus this is normal, I thought it several times, but after we painted the visual appearance is much better.

Step 5: Time Painting

D: the coolest time has come
I spent the whole first light brown ink on the piece and waited dry, then used the paint color chocolate that is a little darker in vain part to simulate the dark part of the trunk of the tree, and then come up with the normal brown ink over to correct possible flaws, paint the eye and the mouth with the color of chocolate, to give the highlight.

Step 6: Passing Varnish

After all it already assembled and painted, we will pass the acrylic varnish to protect power and leave the piece with a beautiful shine as well, that part is simple, if in case you have a larger brush a little bit can make your life a bit: D.
Do not forget, after you pass the varnish let the piece dry in a dust-free place for about 30 minutes.

Step 7: Pot Support

In this part of the vessel, I filled it with sand until a little more than half, put enough white glue and just wiggled the top of the sand with the glue, to incorporate a little, then came up with the Groot above the sand the glue still soft and has positioned the place he had been.
After that it is only put the pieces of moss and some stone above.

Step 8: Finished

Now just decorate with moss and stone the way they prefer.
Ready !!!

Now just enjoy your Baby Groot: D

The mine was 15cm tall.

Well, that's it folks, any questions leave in the comments there, it will answer with pleasure.

Thank you: D

Contact: emeparticular@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/emepedroso



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4 years ago

Ive been working on mine, The head was the hardest thing

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Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

really cool in my head is actually giving more kkk work is over now so painting after painting it gets up to with other visual lol, congratulations

4 years ago

This is so cute! Groot is my favorite! This is perfect!!!

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4 years ago

cant find biscuit white anywhere anything else work?

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Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

the ideal would be to use clay mass to model action figure, it is a specific mass and professional, but my goal was to work with something cheaper, I saw that the biscuit was ideal, but does not necessarily have to be white, can be another color, because you're going to paint anyway, but if you find something in the same texture you can do a test.


Reply 4 years ago

ok cool thanx yea because I cant find biscuit at all


4 years ago

very good instructable. Groot was my favorite charecter also. Thanks.

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