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I was looking for a way to challenge myself by creating something out of this world. The Groot costume idea came as a challenge to me. My peers said I would not be able to re-create such an intense character before Halloween. There was a lot of trial and error with this costume since there is no tutorial on how to make a huge alien tree. I am extremely happy with the results. This costume took me 20 days to make it. I think I will have paint stains for a very long time.

These are the materials that I used to make the costume:

EVA foam, insulation foam, different tones of brown spray paint, plastic dip, tacky glue, paper, dremel machine, a painters suit, 8 pieces of 4x8 wood, and cement glue.

Step by step instructions:

1. Cut the eva foam into desired shape.

2. Use the dremel to create the wood appearance.

3. Spray plastic dip (2 layers)

4. Mix the paper and tacky glue together and place it on top of eva foam and insulation pipes

5. Let it dry!

6. Use different tones of brown spray paint

7. Cement glue the foam pieces on painters suit.

*For the feet, I used the 4x8 pieces and drilled them together and then drilled them to my shoes (it made me about 7' 5 feet tall)

So far I have received tons of great feedback and reactions, such as, "You did a really good job" "Incredible...." "So impressed!" The best part is when I went for a test walk outside of my neighborhood. Cars stop and took pictures with their cellphones and a family stopped and wanted to take pictures with me and their children.

I am looking forward to see if I can win some local Halloween costume contests!


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We made something like this for comic con


What is the Plasti Dip used for in this project? When do I use it and where can I get it?

just wondering if you have finished or is still planning on making a tutorial video. if it is done can you please add a link? great costume btw :)

How much of each do we need?

Great job! I've been thinking about making this suit to wear to the Free Comic Book Day event this year. How hot is this suit?

Great job!

This is so cool!!! I hope you will make so more in depth instructions in the future.

very nice job. if you go to mine make sure you check out ghost rider arrives on fire. thumbs up to you bud love to see this live

even more important if you are using fibre glass. spray paint and fibre glass will destroy your foam sculpt. know way too many ppl doing this for the first time who don't know this. I use the same method as you plastic dip works great. Nice job by the way looks great

I want to thank everyone for your support! And everyone who voted so far! I will be making a video tutorial once I get a camera that works

Thank you for all the great comments! I am working on a video tutorial! Specially after all the positive feedback. Please make sure to vote for me. For the contest


3 years ago

Very nice job! That is the last time your friends doubt you!