I AM OUT OF ICE CREAM!!! Milkshake


Introduction: I AM OUT OF ICE CREAM!!! Milkshake

On those nights that you just have to have a milkshake and it is too late for a quick run to fast food and there is NO ice cream, this recipe is the perfect remedy. It is quick and easy and at our house, we almost always have all the ingredients.

Step 1: The Ingredients

Blender - any brand works. We are not blender snobs at our house. Just use what you have.

6 Tablespoons hot chocolate powder (this is about 3 packets if you buy it that way instead.) This must be hot chocolate powder, chocolate milk mix will not work.

2 - 21/2 cups milk (even skim milk works, so just go for it)

10-12 cubes of ice (if your blender isn't quite as strong as mine, you can go with a few less)

And that is it. Easy as pie, or actually quite a bit easier and faster than pie.

Step 2: Blend.

Blend until smooth and there are no more big ice chunks. Think the consistency of a milkshake.

Step 3: Serve. Makes About 2 - 20 Oz Servings.

Pour into an appropriate cup. Which in our case means a spiderman cup. Add whip cream if desired. A straw (not shown although always used). And enjoy.

I am not above adding sprinkles or mini chocolate chips or mini marshmallows to the top just to make it pretty, but in a pinch, my family will drink it without any toppings at all.

If you have magic shell, stirring in a small squirt of that makes it seem like it has chocolate chips in it. Highly recommended, but again not required.



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    6 Discussions

    Thanks. I use it to double my daughter's calcium intake since she hates milk and this is a double serving of milk that she will always drink.

    I've read a recipe like this which included a teaspoon or so of liquid lecithin. The lecithin makes it emulsify for a better "mouth-feel".

    1 reply

    That sounds probable, but I don't usually have lecithin in my cupboard. This really does taste like a chocolate milkshake. You can add a bit more hot chocolate powder for an even more chocolatey taste.

    Wow. this is pretty amazing. im gonna have to try this. thanks for sharing

    1 reply

    I hope you love it and speaking of sharing, I would like some also lol.