I Build Thors Hammer From a 100 Year Old Beam

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Using traditional woodworking techniques to build a Thor Hammer

So this build was a fun one. I needed a carvers mallet for my workbench and I got a bit too aggressive. Instead of a traditional mallet i went way way over the top and made a Mjolnir, which if you don't know is A Thor Hammer. Yes, the god of thunder, his hammer. Its a solid 15-20 lbs. and is a ton of fun. I have always been a fan of super hero movies for some reason. If you aren't familiar, Thor is the god of Thunder and is adapted to be in his own Marvel comic series. In the series, he wields a hammer that only himself and a select few with magic powers can even pick up! So the hammer in theory weighs so much no mortal man can touch it. So i figured, why not make on!

In the video I walk you through some traditional woodworking techniques on how i made the hammer, and i also smash a ton of stuff at the end. This may not be a traditional build from my end, but i hope you enjoy!

Wood Finish

Rubio Monocoat Fume

Rubio Monocoat Silver Gra



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    7 months ago

    Hi John,

    You make some great stuff!! Unfortunately, this isn't complete enough to be eligible to be published as an Instructable. If you'd like to edit and add full written steps with photos and text, it will be eligible to be published live and entered into an applicable contest.

    Let me know if you make the needed edits, and we will take a 2nd look and publish live if it is ready. If you have any questions, just let me know. Cheers!

    Sam (seamster)

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