I CU Breaking Boundaries



Introduction: I CU Breaking Boundaries

Graduation Cap with a twist

The reason why I decided to do my graduation cap with the CU logo and using LEDs that represent the Mexican flag. I decided to do this because, it represents my identity as Mexican and also being the first generation in my family to graduate college.

Step 1: Materials

1. Acrylic

2. Black mat board

3. Foam board

4. 25 pack of Red, Green, and White LEDs

5. 22 gauge wire

6. Soldering Iron and Wire

7. Resistors

8. Wire strippers

9. Hot glue gun

10. Black fabric

11. O/I switch

12. 9v battery

Step 2: Design Logo

Using an already made logo I went into illustrator to be able to extract the outline of the logo that you want to do. As you can see in the files the Buff is design in red to be able to be laser cut. While the center logo is saved as black to be able to be etched by the laser cuter. Before cutting your logo into a acrylic, make sure to do a prototype in the black board mat.

Step 3: Outline the Cap

Wit the prototype that you did with the mat board. Use a sharpe to outline the position as to where you want your logo to be placed. When you have it outline, placed the LEDs in their specific alignment in order for you to know how many LEDs you will need of its kind. Once you know that add resisters to the positive ends of the LEDs. Then add wires to connect them in a series. By using the porto type mat board hot glue the LEDs in the logo. By using a black fabric cover the outlines of the cap as to where you had done the outlines of the logo for reference.

Step 4: Add the Power

Once you have added the into the outline of the logo connect the positive and negative wires into the designated plugs of he O/I of the switch to control the power that flows through the LEDs. That way your lights are not always on and you can turn it off and on when ever you want.

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