I Don't Actally Know What I'm Doing


Introduction: I Don't Actally Know What I'm Doing

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Hi, this is a little awkward, but..... this isn't really an instructable. I just sorta was browsing this site and then I was like, "Hey, I should make an instructable! So.... that's what I did. ...................................... (this is the part where you yell at me for being a moron.)

Step 1: This Is a Picture of Bread

Well, since you took the time to glance at this 'ible, it's only fair that I show you something. You can try this at home.

First, get a slice of pre-sliced store bought bread.

Step 2: Yep, That's a Quarter.

Now crumple it into a ball. Wow. That bread is made of nothing.

Step 3: Ewwwww....

Drop the ball in some water. Make sure the water is warm.

Step 4: The Big Finish

Wow. It's in water. ............. OH MAN!!! YOU FELL FOR IT!!!!!! YOU SPENT ALL THAT TIME JUST SO YOU COULD LOOK AT THAT!!!! WOOOO......Ha ha thanks a lot. If you're not too mad feel free to comment.



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