Wire Sculpture Thing

hello, I have made a thing and i dont know what to call it, but heres how to make it anyway


hot glue, wire, a failed 3d print of a dog

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Step 1: Human

cut a length of wire to about 1 foot. With the wire, make a humanoid shape and trim off excess I kinda messed mine up a little bit but it still turned out ok i think.

Step 2: Human

coat the little humanoid in hot glue, this will be the "flesh"

Step 3: Completion

now I know I said a failed 3d print of a dog but realy any failed print will work. finaly just glue your little glue creature to a failed print and add some decorations and you are done

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    9 days ago

    I ca t fathom the amazingness of the twists and twirls of the humanoid shape sculpting thing, I love it keep on making these lnstructibles


    26 days ago

    Can you clarify step two, I got lost in the complex Geniusnesnes of this thing.

    1 reply

    4 weeks ago

    I dont know what to think