Introduction: Intel-i-House

A party house that know what music to play depending on the number of people in the room as well as their playlist on their phone. No one will feel left out in a party ever again because everyone's favourite song will be played!

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Step 1: Main Features

This is a miniature model of a party house

1. It plays music from an SD card on a Bluetooth speaker based on the number of people in the room by varying the genre of music according to the setting. The song playlist can be changed with an app

2. The house door opens automatically based on motion detection and rings the doorbell

3. The LEDs light up when there is any noise in the house and are activated through the sound sensor

4. The temperature of the surrounding is also displayed on the LCD screen.

Step 2: Setting Up the Intel Edison

Download the software and drivers for the board from Intel Webite

Be sure to download the right one for your OS. After download unzip the Arduino software and install the driver pack. Connect the board to PC via USB. Check that the switch next to the USB ports at the Edison is turned towards the USB ports. Wait for the system to install the drivers. After successful installation you should see a new drive named Edison popup. The drive is 767 MB big. If not, check the device manager for errors.

If this is not helpful, all necessary info should be on Google

Step 3: Start Assembling the Part: LCD, Temp Sensor, IR Motion Sensor

To learn how to log temperature into an LCD screen and use that value, check out this tutorial:

To learn how to use an IR motion detection sensor, go to this website and use the code there:

In this website, an LED blink each time motion is detected. Thus, make a while loop in your code, and count each time motion is detected by adding one each time the program goes through the while loop.

Thus, when you finish all the steps above, you should have the number of people in the room each time they go through the door (Put the motion sensor above the door of your cardboard (or lego) house. Did I mention you need a house model. It makes it cooler. After all, this project is called iHouse...

Knowing the number of people inside the house(room) + the room's temperature, you are ready to go to the next step.

Step 4: Playing Music From an SD Card

Since Intel Edison come with an SD card, it's easy to read music and choose which one you would like to play.

Go to this website to learn how to play music from an SD card and setup the speaker:

Then, in your main program, make a if statement to check:

If the number of people in the room > 4 but temperature is cold --> play a loud+happy song

If number of people >4 but temp is hot --> play a slow song to turn down the mood

If the number of people in the room <4 + temp is hot --> play moody song

If number < 4 + room is cold --> play turn up song

Or whatever you feel like playing

Just put whatever song you want in the SD card.

Step 5: Control a Bluetooth Speaker

Once you have the program to play from an SD card, you can connect the edison to the bluetooth speaker.

Use the following tutorial:

Then, edit the Ardunio code to play the song through the bluetooth speaker

Step 6: Create an App for Custom Song Playlist

Use the IOT developer toolkit to write an app that will download songs to the storage on the intel edison. This controls the song selection

You find how to do that here:

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Amazing idea! I would love to see a tutorial step 5 if you have the opportunity. Thanks!