I Like My Coffee Light...Burlap Lampshade

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Step 1:

If you’re fornunate to live close to a coffee roaster, ask them for some burlap coffee bags...they usually have tons of them and don’t mind giving them away. If you don’t, you can easily find them on the internet for as little as $2 -$3 a piece.

Step 2: Find a Wire Frame

Recycle a lampshade frame by removing the fabric or buy yourself a wire frame. Wire frames can easily be found on the internet. If you are recycling one, try to be extra careful when removing the old shade...you could use it as a template.

If you are starting from scratch, you should make a paper template first. If it’s a simple drum shade, just measure the circumference, if it has panels, trace one of the panels on to a piece of paper and duplicate for each side. Tape them together and wrap around shade to check size. Remember the template will be curved. 

Step 3: Start to Assemble

Depending on the size of your lampshade frame, you might have to open the bag to get the most yardage out of it. Set your template on the burlap and cut your shade about a 1/2” larger on all sides.

Start wrapping the fabric around your shade. I used some glue to adhere it around the wire frame and then “sewed” it on the frame with Jute (burlap-like thread, found in hardware stores) and a large needle.

Please use a low-wattage bulb with your burlap lampshade. 



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    VERY cool - talk about your after-dinner coffee mood lighting! The double recycling of the burlap and lamp shade frame is uber-cool. What wattage bulb did you use (since you said low wattage). This idea could easily be adapted for uplights nighttime lighting.

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    I just emailed my daughter today. She & her husband used burlap coffee bags as table covers at their outdoor wedding this past summer. I thought I'd make them a lampshade from one of those, which she still has! I think there is a fire-retardant spray for these kinds of things - still looking into that.

    I found this fire-retardant made from natural ingredients online here:


    DIY Flame-Retardant Treatment
    7 ounces borax
    3 ounces boric acid
    2 quarts hot water

    Dissolve and combine the ingredients. Dip or spray decorations in the solution. Safety-test small parts for flame resistance and reapply the solution if needed until safety test is successful.

    The article also states you can use this on "decorations that may have candles nestled in them".

    12 oz of boric acid powder is available on Amazon for under $4. There are other natural uses for it, as well.

    oh, that's wonderful, I should probably coat the shade, but it doesn't seem to be a problem.

    Your daughter would love a lampshade from her wedding bags...that sounds funny. You could make a pillow, it would be more decorative, since it's not very comfortable...