I Made It at TechShop Pittsburgh - DIY Hair Pomade (I'm a Dapper Dan Man!)




Introduction: I Made It at TechShop Pittsburgh - DIY Hair Pomade (I'm a Dapper Dan Man!)

Are you tired of buying overpriced hair jelly to keep your pomp in line? Why not make your own!

Step 1: Measure .6 Oz of Pure Beeswax

Use a digital scale and tare the scale with the cup on it.

Step 2: Create Makeshift Double Boiler

Using a small hot plate metal bowl and a small sauce pan, pour an inch of water in and let it come to a boil.

Step 3: Pour Ingredients In

Pour in the ingredients .6 oz of natural beeswax 4 teaspoons of coconut oil 4 drops of essential oil (I chose vanilla)

Step 4: Mix Until Mixture Reaches Clear Consistency

Use a plastic or metal spoon to mix the hair pomade.

Step 5: Pour Mixture Into Small Tin

You can find these great little tins on amazon.com



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    7 Discussions

    How do you get it to be so white? I've tried and cannot get it that white

    can i use yellow beeswax pellets or does it have to bewhite beesawx ?

    And is there a way to change the colour with food colouring of some sorts without it ruining the texture???

    Does this pomade hold stuff like Maury's or soft like a water based pomade???

    Cool, what sort of effect does it have on hair? I've always suspected pomade might have helpful effects on my mane...

    Nice! A pad print machine would be perfect for creating the label / design on the tin / packaging and really make it look professional.